How to Experience Peace in a Troubling Environment

The fear and anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic can be overwhelming. Worries about our health, the economy, the well-being of the people we’re close to—as well as those all over the world—threaten to engulf us. It’s easy to get swept away by the constant stream of alarming news reports and commentary on social media. At the same time, many things we’ve relied on to comfort or entertain us are rapidly disappearing, and it seems impossible to find lasting peace.

John chapter 6 recounts the story of Jesus’ disciples rowing across a churning sea. But in the midst of the wind and waves, Jesus came to them and said, “It is I. Do not be afraid.” Then they invited Him into their boat, and immediately they arrived at the land they were rowing toward.

We can also invite Jesus into our “boat.” Even in the midst of this distressing pandemic, we can experience Him as our lasting peace and true rest. He wants to be with us on our life’s journey and calm all the troubles and fears in our human life.

We’d like to share a video created by Bibles for America that recounts this story from the Bible and shows how it applies it to our lives. Watch it below and share it with your loved ones.

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